My Skin Care Routine

I may make a lot of my own bath and body products, but I also buy my own beauty products. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t spend as much as the average woman. In fact, I favor drugstore and big box stores over name brands any day.

One of the things I am very careful about is my skin care. When I lived in Florida, I was a licensed Esthetician and skin care was drilled into me. I’ve always been particular about my skin and how it looks. I will spend money on a good skin care product and opt to spend a dollar on makeup without a second thought.

Here is my skin care routine and what I use.

My daily routine begins with the use of Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser. It’s the cleanser I have been using for years and it’s still my favorite. This cleanser removes makeup, cleans my face and doesn’t leave me feeling tight or dry. I’ve also recommended it to just about everyone I know!

I finish it up with a moisturizer of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 moisturizer. I used to use an H2O gel moisturizer, but I’m 35 this year and it is time to switch it up. Our skin changes as we get older. I want to prevent aging and prevent issues before they happen! Since I have oily skin, this moisturizer is great. It’s not too oily and doesn’t leave me feeling like there’s an oil slick on my face like some moisturizers do.

Don’t forget the eyes! I certainly don’t. Once again, I’ve recently switched products on my eyes. I used to use a Burt’s Bees eye cream, but I have switched to Olay’s Age Defying Eye Gel. So far, this has worked well for me. My eyes are so sensitive and it’s hard to use products that are heavily scented or chock full of chemicals around my eyes.

Once a week, it’s time to add in a face mask and a scrub! I don’t do them on the same day. I alternate when I scrub and when I use a mask. I will admit that I make my own face scrubs. Don’t worry, I’ll do some tutorials on my YouTube channel soon. I do make my own masks as well. One of the best face masks comes in the form of an egg white and oatmeal. Just whisk 1 egg white with a few tablespoons of oatmeal and smear it on the face. You can substitute an egg white with a ripe banana if you’d like.


Image: ZenSpa1 on Flickr


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