5 Birthday Bash Cocktails

Since I am a Harley riding woman with piercings and tattoos, most people would think I’m not one for fancy cocktails. They would picture me with a beer in my hand before a glass of wine or a mimosa. Those people could not be more wrong. (I actually hate beer).

It’s always fun to trip people up, isn’t it? My idea of a good drink is a light and “girly” cocktail or a glass of red wine.

This month, I had a birthday and I found some amazing cocktails to serve at a Spring birthday get together. Here are five of them that you may want to try!

  1. These champagne floats using rainbow sherbet are so pretty that I don’t want to drink them!
  2. A double chocolate s’mores martini is right up my alley! I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, after all.
  3. Blackberry lemonade margaritas are so refreshing! Bonus? You can hold the alcohol for a great drink!
  4. The cotton candy champagne cocktail looks like it’s a lot of fun. It’s also sweet and bubbly!
  5. Pink and sprinkles? Heck yes. Give me these birthday cake shots that are all over Pinterest!

Image: Kirbie cravings

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